My new ladder has arrived!!!

I have not been able to get into the loft for a few weeks due to the Replacement Carpenter taking home the Original Carpenter’s ladder before being replaced by the Replacement Replacement Carpenter. Seeing as loads of my stuff is in the loft, I decided that I needed to get my own ladder, so I shopped around for about 56 nanoseconds before getting one off the ebay.

It is telescopic!!! I had no idea that such things existed. It is black, and as sexy as a ladder can possibly be, especially as it is new and clean and unsullied by eg dirt or sperm. I wait for the Postman to disappear next door before ripping open the packaging.

It is telescopic!!! I telescop the first rung up. It clicks into place with a clicky click. As does the second rung. Click. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click (nb note to self check number of rungs before posting and paste in correct number of clicks.) My ladder is up!!! I shall definitely leave positive feedback for this.

It is telescopic!!! I detelescop the top rung, which slides back down with an indescribable slidey noise. As does the next rung, and all the rest. My ladder is de-extended!!! It truly is a remarkable product.

I put the ladder up once more and take it down again. I am still enthusiastic, but if I am honest a bit bored with it already. All it does is go up and down (which is still more than a non-telescopic ladder). I do not need to get anything from the loft at this particular moment.

It is a shame. I have that post-Christmas feeling with my ladder. I carefully store it under the bed, so that I can get hold of it at a moment’s notice should I require an emergency trip to the loft.

I now want somebody to visit (male or female) so that I can show it off to them.