Oh – er – yes. Two years. Thanks for the reminder.

An excuse therefore not to write a ‘proper’ post then, cheers cheers. I probably said it all last year, to be honest, so you may as well check back there to see what I mean, then perhaps scroll up to the 28th of that month which is still the entry that I point people to when I want to describe my life.

Writing a Popular and Successful Internet Diary whilst caring for a new baby is a bit like sitting down to perform a piano recital having just overheard that there’s a bear loose in the auditorium: one is still desperately keen to delight and enrapture one’s audience, but little nagging worries tend to preclude total focus on the task at hand.

Thanks for all your comments, emails, odd little mentions on your own blogs etc. It’s all very much appreciated – truly so. If anybody would like to give me a Sunday newspaper column then contact me and I’ll put you in touch with my agent (nb ignore the stuff about the baby above, I promise I will concentrate on it 100% and I can send it via email in whatever font you want).