We watch a film.

I received ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ for Christmas. A ‘Spaghetti Western’ (they were called that because they were filmed in Spain), it stars lots of men in hats, and is famous for its indifferent violence and the lead character being introduced by a short but simple musical theme whenever he strolls into shot. Thus it influenced countless subsequent works, including ‘Bod’.

It is sometimes difficult to select films to watch. The LTLP likes any film that should feature Harrison Ford (nb he doesn’t have to actually be in it, it just needs to be the sort of film that he might have been sent by his agent). I, on the other hand, refuse to watch anything that involves a chap who has a bit of a rocky relationship with his ex-wife and young son but who nevertheless has rescued them from great peril by the final reel.

Anyway, I was particularly looking forward to seeing this film again. I inform her that the opening sequence is one of the greatest in all cinema, ever.

“Is anybody going to say anything?” she asks, after about five minutes.

“They are looking at each other meaningfully,” I explain, knowledgeably.

“Why did they just shoot him?” she asks.

I explain that I could tell her why they just shot him, but that it would be likely to be something explained further on in the film as the story developed.

We continue watching.

“Is he the bad guy, then?”

“Essentially, yes.”

“But I thought he was helping her a minute ago.”

“That was a different person.”

“It’s quite difficult to follow. All the people look the same.”

“They don’t all look the same. Just because they all have hats on.”


We continue watching.

“Is Clint Eastwood in this one?”

We continue watching.