“Do you really have to milk that suspense so much?” asked Short Tony from behind his pint.

“What do you mean? They love it really.”

“Can’t you just tell them that you’re only moving out temporarily whilst the builders work?”

“It wouldn’t be so much fun. Besides, shhhh, people will hear us talking about the secret internet thing.”

“I think I might order a burger.”

Thank you for your comments over the last couple of days – I’ve been a bit busy doing Important Things so haven’t been able to reply to clarify matters.

I shall indeed soon be indulging in a complete change of scene. I am moving to an old cottage in a small Norfolk village a couple of miles down the road. Just temporarily, you understand. Narcoleptic Dave has kindly let us stay there whilst building work is being done.

Normal service will continue here, perhaps with a few new characters in a different location. It will be like Joey (the hilarious spin-off from Friends not the man on Blue Peter).

It is now the weekend almost, and I need to do some shopping for the Village Bonfire Party. Have a good one, and there are some good things to read here.