“If you do that – then I quit.”

I raised myself up to my full height. (Quite high).

The words sounded really good as they came out of my mouth. I was quite impressed with my forcefulness. I am not generally somebody who is particularly dominant (outside the bedroom) (and even then not with clients in suits). I could see that they were impressed.

There was a bit of a silence, before somebody pointed out that I had already agreed to leave by mutual consent. My sails were momentarily de-winded.

I have very rarely resigned from a job. It is a bit like ending a relationship with a young lady – not a pleasant thing to have to do. Obviously, being a man, the tactic is to start to lose outward interest, become a bit aloof and unapproachable and generally behave badly – that way you can get dumped before you have to do any dumping, thus avoiding having to take any emotional responsibility for your actions.

So this was a big deal for me. It didn’t make it easier that this particular organisation was unlikely to get another decent boyfriend, being the equivalent of a needy, whining, selfish, septuagenarian, drug addict, post-op Jono Coleman.

But I was pleased with my stand. Not many people are courageous enough to dramatically quit during their notice period, whilst still honourably working their pre-agreed and legally binding period of notice out.

I felt that I had dealt a blow for my dignity.