I pack my suitcase!!!

I am off to attend an Important Scientific Conference overseas!!!

Well actually it is the LTLP who is going to the conference, but I will be accompanying her to the functions in the evening, including the Gala Dinner. This is reassuring for her. It is a bit like when the Queen goes away abroad, she has the rock solid support of the Duke of Edinburgh beside her, always knowing the appropriate thing to say etc.

Already I am a bit intimidated as I have had to pack a shirt and tie for the dinner, as I do not possess a white lab coat. But I am interested in hearing what the scientists’ latest ideas and theories are, especially on whether we can expect any good to come out of the new series of Dr. Who.

I will also get some time on my own to potter around the city. I have been to Rome before, and what I remember is not to bother to go out on Sunday, as the whole city is shut for religious reasons. Fortunately, there is nothing at all likely to happen in Rome over the next few days that would cause shops, tourist attractions etc to close their doors and the city not to be a fun place.

Looking after the blog in my absence will be very funny American comedian Jill Twiss.

She is a writer and stand-up, and well worth catching live if you can. You can get a flight from Heathrow to New York really cheap these days, and the places she performs are just a cab ride from the airport there, so you could be back in the UK before you get shot or catch obesity.

I’m very pleased she agreed to blog-sit. Please make her welcome.

Plus the BBC is now banned from bidding for expensive foreign imports, so I got her on the cheap.

See you in a week or so.