My wooden floor is still finished!!!

With most of my furniture in storage, I’ve had ample opportunity to appreciate the maximum surface area.

It’s wooden, and soft, and warm, and slidey.

I look at it this way and that, examining different bits of grain. I walk around in my bare feet, sit on it and lie on it.

When the LTLP is not looking, I give it a quick smell. (I didn’t want her to see me looking foolish or like a wood addict). It smells of wood and wood oil, which is not entirely expected.

By about Saturday evening I realise…

I’m bored with it now. It has ceased to be a thing of entertainment.

It doesn’t really DO anything – just sits there on the ground, being woody.

This is annoying, as I spent about a grillion pounds on it. I could have got a Ferrari for that, or paid for a Slovenian hooker to get plastic surgery and elocution lessons so that she was just like Kirstie Allsopp.

What it does mean is that I can set up all my stuff again.

It’s been a pain in the arse living out of cardboard boxes.