My wooden floor is finished!!!

It’s lovely. So… wooden.

Certainly better than the nanotechnology-thick carpet that was previously laid directly onto the concrete screed. That was always somewhat chilly.

It means I finally wave goodbye to the Cheerful Builder today.

Back on my own during the day. Which is good in a way, as I’ve got bugger all work done for weeks, nor have I had a chance to read any blogs. For all I know, all sorts of things could be happening. If you all could post a very brief summary of what you’ve done since May then this will save me a lot of trouble. Thanks.

Don’t fret about the Cheerful Builder. I’ll probably refer to him again occasionally, and I’m sure he’ll shortly be appearing in pantomime at a venue near you.

I’m waiting for him to arrive now. I feel like I should do something, you know, put balloons out or something, or make a nice sponge cake.

There are tears in my eyes.

But I had to write the cheque out eventually.