I haven’t had much relaxation over the past few weeks, due to the recent building work. So I settle down late evening to watch the scheduled programme about the Goodies.

Except the BBC has replaced it with a special edition of Panorama.

I can hardly believe it. I had cleared off the comfy chair especially.

When will the BBC tackle this incessant dumbing-down?

To be honest, it’s not been a good day, and I am gloomy.

Firstly, I missed the Kirstie Allsopp show.

Secondly, the Cheerful Builder has finished.

For six weeks, he’s been my constant companion, beavering away at the cottage whilst I juggle trying to earn a living with making inept attempts to give him a hand.

He arrived an employee and left a friend.

I wanted to ask him why he’s always so cheerful, as we had our usual morning drinking coffee and chatting about music at £12 an hour. I will miss his company and his banter. I will even, very very slightly, miss Steve Wright.

So we return to normal, which means being alone in the cottage all day with nothing but the birds and the rabbits for company.